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What is on my mind right now.

2009-06-30 13:26:45 by poopnuget

I will now post everything that is on my mind.

List of poo I heard from other people.

1. Oreos have meth in them.
2.Men have milk in their nipples
3. General grievous is from the planet genosis
4. You fart every ten seconds.
5. Sand is just water going so fast that it turns it to sand (I can't believe he actually believed that.)
6. These are some computer/video game glitches I've heard that are probably made up.
--Gohome was playing boxhead when he quit and went on youtube to watch youtube poop. Then a pop-up appeared saying that he had to go back to the page he was on or something would happen. When he returned to boxhead a giant piece of spaghetti was writhing around on the screen and if he shot it spaghetti sauce would shoot out of it.
--one of my friends (who does not have an account) was playing halo when a gigantic grunt came out of nowhere and began to beat the crap out of him.
--He also claims that he was playing Portal Defenders on and it had easy, hard, and medium mode. He also can't beat the game, so he blames the website for taking the game and editing it to make it harder.
--Gohome was playing Territory War Online and his guy sprouted six arms, each holding a handgun, rapidly firing grenades that explode anything they touch.
7. Numa Numa, All your base are belong to us, Charlie the Unicorn, and all them other Internet memes were posted on youtube originally.

I will continue this list forever and ever. Unless I run out of crap to write that I've heard.

here are some other things that are on my mind.

Some of the weirdest things I've heard from my friends are:

1. Bynener
3. There once was a genie with a big fat weenie and he showed it to his neighbors next door! They thought it was a snake and they beat it with a rake and now it's only five-foot four.
4. Stop asking questions or I'll put spikes in you!!! (Him)
You don't have spikes! (Me)
I will go buy some! (Him)
5. What are you saying? (Stomps foot.)
6. Why are you in your yard? (I was not in my yard.)
7. Put your hands on the gluteus maxims I know I can.
8. Yesterday I tried to turn five and I saw a person with spikes and I turned into a skeleton.

and more stuff.

I found some interesting wine bottles. One has no name. It just has a picture of a smiley face on it. Another has no name, either. It just has a picture of a question mark on it. And another kept on talking about this pancake, but I didn't really understand that because it wasn't a pancake it was wine.

And one more thing.

There turn out to be seven ancient elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Space, Time, and Soul. But if I don't find that info in any books or wiki or something, It's going on my list of poo.

/* */
Here are the rankings of oh my god.

omfg-angry fiac
zomfg-angry nun

Here are the rankings of laughter

lol(lots of laughs)-its funny!
lol(laugh out loud)-heh heh
rotfl-ha ha ha
rotflol-HA HA HA
lolz-you silly goose

Here are rankings of friends

bf-yeah! were friends!
blt-bacon lettus cheeseburger.

sow pow digow!


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2009-11-20 19:20:44

Hooooo my Goooood! that was Awasome, Great video

Interesting thing you got in your mind, don't try to meet whit mine, it's CRAZY!!!111


2009-11-20 19:23:12

A purpose that good rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


2010-03-06 10:25:27

Happy Valentines Day, sex robot!
Inventor David Hines has taken loneliness to a new level. Hines, a New Jersey native, is the founder of True Companion, a company that sells life-size, speaking sex robots.

Hines showed off his creation at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last month. So far, only female robots are available, but there is no doubt just as many lonely women are requesting male robots from the company's site,

So far, the robots come in three personalities: Roxxxy, Wild Wendy and Frigid Farrah. Every robot has a laptop connected to its back and touch sensors in strategically-placed areas so it can sense when it's being, well, you know. The robots don't move on their own, yet they shudder when they "orgasm."

The biggest selling point in Hines' eyes is the fact that the robots are designed to engage in simple conversations. This overly talkative robot seems to be the opposite of what men want in a woman. She also can't cook or clean, but she does snore.
Let's get down to business and consider the fact that a talking sex robot is selling for over $7,000.

Advantages of this new technology: you don't have to shower Roxxxy with Valentine's Day gifts or loving compliments, and you can turn her off whenever you please. You can also turn her on with barely any effort. Never again will you hear the excuse, "Not tonight, babe. I'm tired."

Disadvantages of this new technology: you're spending a good portion of your paycheck on a grandiose sex toy, and she only lasts for 3 hours before you have to recharge her batteries. If that idea doesn't turn you on, I don't know what does. However, if you don't charge her all the way before getting down to business, she can shut off before you finish. Ladies, sound familiar?

Hines claims that most of his business comes from men who "have trouble meeting girls." If you're paying $7,000 to have a conversation with a robot, let alone fornicate with one, I'd say you missed the lesson on rewarding pick up lines.

It's a small market, but it's a market. If David Hines has created a product that people will buy, then good for him. It will be very interesting to see how far this product will go in our society, and how obsolete human-to-human intimacy will be years from now.


2010-03-06 22:32:02

Wats Up Homie!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-03-07 01:18:47